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Some history to explain that ‘white males’ aren’t divisive

To the editor:

The retort to my letter of Sept 28 would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. What I said was neither “vulgar” nor “abusive” except to someone who sees any opposition to his viewpoints as such. My main objection to the Indigenous Peoples’ Day was that it was to fall on Columbus Day, thereby serving to criticize him and, by extension, the Europeans who settled the Americas. This was clearly aimed at the white Englishmen who created the United States out of Enlightenment ideas and a long line of liberty-creating events in Anglo-Saxon and English history. The brilliant Constitution they created did not create a slave class; slavery already existed. The moral problem of it was recognized by all parties, but ugly economic necessity in the South dictated that it not be addressed directly. It was addressed indirectly in the hope that it would die of its own weight. When it didn’t, war had to settle it.

I have no idea where he gets the idea that discrimination by white males divides Americans. What I said about the Left being divisive is true. It is not white males who reflexively shout about racism, sexism, whatever “ism” at every opportunity. It is leftists and their tactics are designed to get us fighting among ourselves. It is leftists who keep Blacks in poverty through dependency programs, for example. It is leftists who suppress free speech through outfits like Antifa. It is leftists like Black Lives Matter who encourage anarchy through the murder of police officers. It is leftists who seek to destroy America in order to replace it with God knows what, but it sure won’t be an advanced republic with rule by consent of the governed and with person and property safe from arbitrary government action.

Charles Knapp
W. Harbor Hwy

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The author of this letter,

The author of this letter, like so many "right-wing-nuts" knows little about history. Europeans came to this country, took land from indiginous people, rounded them up like animals and sent them west to land found to be most undesirable. To describe colonization of this land as an adventure in "Enlightenment" and "liberty creating" is foolhardy. An attempt to tie these events with the politics of today is equally as dumb.