2017-10-12 / Life in Leelanau

Give your car a Leelanau look

It’s fairly easy to reserve and purchase a license plate that exclaims your support for Leelanau County and its villages.

All you need to find out is a computer or smart phone to find out if the letters you have in mind are still available.

The cost beyond your normal vehicle registration fees is not prohibitive — a $30 service fee, which is prorated to the plate’s expiration date. The cost is $8 for the first month, and $2 per month after that.

While you’ll need to visit a Secretary of State office such as the one in Suttons Bay to make your purchase, the state website is capable of quickly checking the database of license plates already issued to determine what’s available.

Some of the most obvious plates, such as “LOVEM22,” are not available. Once someone has reserved the letters, they can be renewed every year.

But, surprisingly, many remain unclaimed and can be yours. You must choose seven letters or numbers, and symbols such as dashes are not allowed.

Some examples we tried and were available include:


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