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Looking Back...

5 YEARS AGO October 18, 2012

After more than three years of bitter litigation, a federal lawsuit filed by four deputies against Sheriff Michael Oltersdorf, Undersheriff Scott Wooters and Leelanau County has been settled out of court. A 12-day jury trial was slated to begin Tuesday in a federal courthouse in Grand Rapids.

* * *

Just as a settlement was reached to avert a federal trial over the alleged violation of the rights of Leelanau County deputies, a lawsuit has been filed alleging that two of the deputies violated the civil rights of a Leland resident. The date of the arrests that led to the lawsuit is important. The suit was filed last week in order to meet a three-year statute of limitation for such claims.

* * *

Mary Eggenberger, of Cleveland Township, recently had a letter published in the Enterprise Letters to the Editor section in which she took a stance on women’s reproductive rights. Soon after the letter ran she and her husband Aubrey got a hate letter in the mail. It is issues like reproductive rights, as well as Medicare, the federal deficit and tax breaks for the wealthy that have people lining up on both sides of the election ticket.

10 YEARS AGO October 18, 2007

Winemakers in Leelanau County are putting the final touches on a grape crop that might prove to be their best ever, whether credit is given to global warming, a temporary freak in nature or even a gift from the heavens. This should help continue Leelanau County’s building reputation as a place to make quality wine.

* * *

Two of the top three property owners in Leelanau County whose properties have the highest taxable values did not pay their taxes last year. The number one property owner, Consumers Energy, has paid taxes on all $12.4 million worth of the property it owns.

* * *

The Leelanau County Board of Commissioners has admitted that it violated state law when it ordered members of the public to leave a public meeting so the board could conduct a closed session that, for now, remains shrouded in secrecy. During a special meeting on Friday, the board voted to apologize for violating the state Open Meetings Act at an Aug. 21 meeting.

35 YEARS AGO October 21, 1982

Quick response from area volunteer fire departments, a new tower-ladder aerial truck from Traverse City and a slate roof were credited today with keeping damage to a minimum following Monday night’s near-disastrous fire at St. Mary’s Church in Lake Leelanau. No estimate of the total damages had been made as of yesterday noon.

* * *

A tentative agreement has been reached on a 3-year teacher contract in the Northport School District. School Supt. Lloyd Freeman said representatives of the Board of Education and the local teachers’ union met for 3½ hours Tuesday, ironing out wage and contract language differences, before agreeing to a new contract.

* * *

Property tax bills totaling more than $9.5 million are being prepared for delivery to owners of property in Leelanau County on Dec. 1. The record-high tax bill of $9,595,344 is some $545,828 or 6 per cent higher than the comparable total a year ago for school, county and township property levies.

60 YEARS AGO October 17, 1957

Conservation Officer Leon Cluff of Maple City, who had been stationed in this county since 1943 left Sunday for Pinconning, where he has been given a new assignment by the state department of conservation. In his new post, Cluff will be one of two officers stationed in Bay County.

* * *

The Suttons Bay Volunteer Fire Department elected a new chief, new assistant chief, a secretary-treasurer and four captains at their annual meeting Tuesday night at the fire hall. Kenneth Nelson has been named chief; Gerry Henshaw was elected to the position of assistant chief and Edward Rothgarber Jr. is the new secretary-treasurer.

* * *

Rumors that an outbreak of Asian flue has started in Northport were confirmed Wednesday by Dr. J.W. Christie when queried about the report of the 30 absences in the Northport school. Dr. Christie said that the flu apparently had been brought to Northport by the two bus loads of music students who went to Ann Arbor for band day at a football game two weeks ago.

120 YEARS AGO October 7, 1897

Prof. Sam O. Cooley, Editor of the Suttons Bay Bazzoo, in the last issue of his paper failed to say that he had a hand in helping clean the chimney at the Bazzoo store. Guess he didn’t want anyone to know that he is an expert chimney sweep. Sam is a hustler both in editorial work and at chimneys but his hand seems to fit better at the latter. W.H.W.

* * *

The game of ball on Sunday last at Good Harbor between the Suttons Bay Indians and the Glen Haven nine, resulted in a victory for the Glen Haven team by a score of 21 to 16.

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