2017-10-19 / Letters

Democratic Party attacks the four freedoms of America

To the editor:

In 1943 Norman Rockwell painted The Four Freedoms – Speech, Worship, Fear, and Want. These illustrations were distributed throughout the world. They contributed to winning WWII and became symbols of America’s greatness. Today these freedoms are under attack by the Democrat Party.

Democrat goals — America should disarm; the United Nations should be the world government; Loyalty oaths (pledge) should be outlawed; control America’s political parties; use liberal judges to weaken American institutions; control education and teachers unions; control the media; discredit American culture; break down cultural standards of morality; eliminate prayer in schools; discredit the Bible; discredit the American Constitution, Founding Fathers, and American history; encourage government control of education, welfare, healthcare, military, business; discredit the FBI; discredit the family; promote promiscuity and divorce; promote raising and educating children away from their parents; use riots and violence to force change; promote racism, open borders, anti-white prejudice, anti-western civilization beliefs; disarm the American citizens; promote feminization and social experimentation of the US Armed Forces; promote citizens’ dependency on and control by government.

To put these Democrat/Communist goals into today’s world think free speech — lack of on college campuses and work; worship — Democrats criticize Americans for “clinging to their guns and Bibles;” fear — Democrats believe chaos and crisis should not be wasted; want — Democrats want to dictate basic human needs and freedoms so they can control the people and make them dependent on the government for their wellbeing. The so-called elites are tied to their own political dogma. They care little about their countrymen and women, who live on the edge with less-than-a-privileged existence, and who are despised as deplorables.

Note: The Democratic Party’s goals for taking over America are almost identical to the Communist Party’s goals of 1963 printed in the United States Congressional Record.

Richard Isphording
N. Indian Camp Road, Northport

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