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Make special day...special

Happy belated Indigenous Peoples Day.

Leelanau County commissioners “officially” set the day for Oct. 1 following controversy over whether it should have been held on the second Monday of October, which would serve as a counterbalance to Columbus Day.

Without going into the politics involved, the decision was made with little time to prepare for an appropriate tribute to Native Americans. The Tribal Council of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians graciously accepted a letter of acknowledgment and appreciation from the county.

Still, Indigenous Peoples Day fell short of expectations.

If Leelanau County is serious about celebrating the heritage of Native peoples that continues to have such an influence on the peninsula, we suggest starting to plan for a 2018 day of recognition sooner than later.

The Tribe holds a Natural Resources Fair and Feast every September. Would that be an appropriate time for Indigenous Peoples Day?

Regardless of when, we hope the inaugural day of recognition was just a beginning.

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