2017-10-26 / Leelanau Log

Soil Erosion Permits

Bingham Township

TruNorth Nurseries, LLC – (Kerry Smith Builder LLC) Excavation combination of cut and fill to accommodate for grading around footprint of new building at 9355 E. Bingham Road ($125).

Fox Kendall B & Amy E Trust – (Larry Shugart Builders) Excavation to remove existing deck and build new, remove concrete walk and dig 10 footing holes at 12422 E. Hendryx Drive ($160).

Glen LaCross/Leelanau Fruit – (Harvest Energy Solutions) Pounding post no earth change except the trenching of the electrical conduit at 2900 SW Bayshore Drive ($195).

Elmwood Township

Dennis Phillips – (Self) Excavation to place barrier fabric on lawn, add 4” chip stone and pavers for fire ring/patio in 10x30 area designated on site plan. Sand a 40’x40’ area in lake at 9991 E. Bluewater Ct. ($125).

Empire Township

Matthew Kanitz – (RW Popp Excavating) Excavation for the demolition of existing structures (cabin & Shed) and removal of materials, removal of old septic system at 7418 W. Glenmere ($125).

Glen Arbor Township

Bill and Donna Rockwood – (Alpers Excavating) Excavation grade to uniform plane, add road gravel from edge of Birchway to 3’ east for length of fence seed remainder with grass and wildflower mix at 7320 Birchway Drive ($125).

Donald Lewis – (Popp Excavating) Excavation improving existing driveway at 5880 Bay Lane ($125).

Heather Gaffney and Jeffry Goliber – (Mark Poineau) Excavation for new home at Frog Pond #1/Unit 71 ($125).

Leelanau Township

Attwill Memorial Chapel – (Frederickson Service) Excavation for a French drain around house to daycare at 932 N. Birchwood ($80).

Leland Township

Peckham Cottage Holdings – (Easling Construction) Excavation to build a new drain field to serve existing residence and build a shed at 5565 N. Leland Woods Drive ($125).

Adam Mouch – (Lake Leelanau Excavating) Excavation for making a driveway at 00 Popp Road ($125).

Suttons Bay Township

Stephen and Nancy Wegienek – (EETKO Builders LLC) Excavation to construct new house with attached garage at 1861 N. Bluewater Ct. ($125).

James Hale and Betty Corputer – (Michael Jarvis) Excavation for new house at 1407 N. Breucris Lane ($125).

Gary and Linda Ketcik – (Maple Hill Builders LLC) Excavation for a driveway at 320 N. Nagagosa Trail ($125).

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