2017-10-26 / Letters

Information should be available to people at meetings

To the editor:

On Monday evening, I left home to attend the annual audit presentation of the Glen Lake School District with the intent of getting a better understanding of the school’s financial state. Sadly, I left the meeting with no better understanding than when I arrived. The representative from Dennis, Gartland & Niergarth giving the report stood with his back to the audience (sadly, I was the only person in the audience), spoke in a quiet voice with no microphone and used no visual aids. Feeling totally lost, I quietly asked the Board secretary sitting near me if there was an extra copy of the audit available so I could follow along with everyone else in the room. Two copies were sitting next to the Board’s business manager. He shrugged and looked toward the Board. Had Fran Seymour not eliminated public comment at the beginning of the meeting, I could have requested a copy of the audit report.

I understand that members of the community are there to observe and not participate, but when people take the time to attend a meeting they deserve the same opportunity and accommodation as the Board to understand the auditing firm’s presentation. Also a gentleman sitting at the Board table, given Board member status and no introduction was made to the Board or the audience. Finally, after this rude behavior by the Board, I left the meeting. So much for Board transparency to its stake-holders. I am not surprised as this goes along with its inconvenient 7 a.m. committee meetings where most discussions on important decisions take place.

Joan Hawley
W. Day Forest Rd.

Editor’s note: The author served on the Glen Lake Board of Education for 12 years.

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