2017-10-26 / Outdoors


LEELANAU COUNTY Sheriff Mike Borkovich (left) harvested an 8-point with a crossbow earlier this month. The buck weighed 225 pounds and had a Commemorative Bucks of Michigan (CBM) green score of 115 inches. “I was hunting on a good friend’s private property in Leelanau County,” Borkovich said. “It was my first buck in the last five years. I passed up many smaller bucks during that time and shot four does in five years. The buck was worth the wait.” Cary Garton (right), meanwhile, shot a 10-point with a green score of 125 inches on private property about two weeks ago. Garton said it was the second-largest buck he’s seen on the trail cam, though he’s spotted lots of smaller bucks. “QDM is really producing great bucks in this county,” Garton said.

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