2017-11-02 / Letters

Enjoyed views in column; current protests are reserved

To the editor:

I have enjoyed (Eric Carlson’s) writing and thoughts behind it for years, but never more so than after reading your column of Oct. 26. As a fellow veteran, I have been disturbed by the commentary of those criticizing athletes for exercising the First Amendment rights all who have served swore to protect and defend. Having served during part of the time of Vietnam and all its turmoil, I view these current protests as reserved and even respectful compared to the actions of that era.

I am proud to live in a country where speech and a person’s religious beliefs are protected in law from any person, private or governmental, who would have us act otherwise. It is an old struggle in this country to fight those who provide lip service to the Constitution but in their actions would have us act otherwise. It is a struggle worth having.

Congratulations on your fine column

David Amos
S. Elm Ridge Dr.
Suttons Bay,

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