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Pouring the love on Sugar Loaf’s comeback

We poured the love on new Sugar Loaf owner Jeff Katofsky in coverage last week of his whirlwind tour of the county, and since then we’ve been the recipient of letters and emails that continue the adoration.

It’s not something we’re accustomed to doing or reading about Sugar Loaf’s owner.

But frankly, all that love seems appropriate.

The discretions of a previous Sugar Loaf owner — let’s just say his name also ends with “I” rather than “Y,” as we’re fine with Mr. Kalofsky’s quasi-ban on dwelling with Remo Posell..., eh, strike that name — are actually fading away.

Want proof? Staff writer Patti Brandt Burgess emailed a question to Mr. Katofsky for her column. The reply came back within five minutes.

Recall that Mr. Katofsky pledged to read and answer, if appropriate, every email he received about Sugar Loaf regardless of the source — important public official, resident or even a member of the lowly news media.

So he made a promise and kept it. Given the past two decades of reporting Sugar Loaf’s undoing, that’s huge.

As the conceptual process moves along, we’ll be offering coverage — of course — and our thoughts about the resurrection of what was once the county’s No. 1 resort. The possibilities at this point are near-endless.

Meanwhile, it’s nice to get an email back.

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