2017-11-09 / Letters

GOP tax to cut social programs; wealthy benefit

To the editor:

The Republican tax plan would cut over $5 trillion to social programs over the next 10 years and add $20 trillion to the deficit.

One trillion, $1,000,000,000,000, would be cut from Medicaid which helps children, disabled, veterans, and elderly. Medicaid pays for 2/3 of those in nursing homes. Where will they go?

Half a trillion dollars will be cut from Medicare, the most efficient, cost-effective health insurance there is which benefits all those 65 and older. First step to privatization.

Huge cuts are proposed in housing assistance, home heating assistance, agricultural subsidies, food stamps, Head Start for preschoolers, Pell grants and student loans for college students, cuts to subsidies for health insurance for the poor and small businesses, transportation and infrastructure, and medical research. Cuts target the most vulnerable and programs helping the most people.

Republican tax cuts give more money to the extremely wealthy so they can donate more money to the Republican politicians so they stay in power.

Despite widespread voter suppression and gerrymandering, we are still the vast majority. Senators and congressmen count the number of calls they receive. Speak up, stand up, voice your concerns. Call Senator Stabenow 202-224-4822, Senator Peters 202- 224-6221, and Representative Bergman 202-225-4735.

Beverly BJ Christensen
S. Cedar Rd.

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