2017-11-09 / Views

Here’s to Northport Council for prioritizing ‘rule of law’

Here’s a “hat’s off” to the Northport Village Council for understanding the legal foundation of local zoning, and having the fortitude to follow it.

That foundation is to protect the health, safety and welfare of residents.

The council, in a 6-1 vote last week, turned down a request by Northport School to build one of those flashy — some would say obnoxious — signs off busy M-201 as it heads into the village.

Certainly there was some political pressure to ignore the village’s own Zoning Ordinance, which bans flashing, illuminated signs in all zoning districts. The Board of Education was seeking a special use permit to override local zoning.

Relatively recently, Glen Lake and Suttons Bay school districts have installed such signs. They’re used mostly to promote school activities.

But if flashing, over-sized signs are banned for businesses to protect the health, safety and welfare of a community, why should they be allowed for government? Is the nature of the sign a danger, or the message?

Please recall the First Amendment.

Thank you, Northport Village trustees, for following the rule of law.

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