2017-11-16 / Leelanau Log

Construction Code Authority


Kendall B. and Amy Fox Family Trust (Larry D. Shugart) Construct residential alteration – replace existing deck with smaller deck and stairs at 12422 E. Hendryx Drive ($5,850).

Elmwood Township

Robert M. and Donna L. Koltuniak (Self) Construct residential unfinished post frame building at 10191 S. Endres Hill Ct. ($19,200).

Glen Arbor Township

John W. and Judy G. Ichord (Robert N. Ihme Jr.) Construct residential alteration – replace beam over failing garage door opening with an engineered beam replacement at 3 Chimney Ridge ($3,500).

Sun Dance Condominium (Robert N. Ihme Jr.) Construct commercial/ Residential alteration – Unit 29 and Unit 31, remove existing stringers, treads, landings, rail posts, railings and replace with new, step system services two units at Sun Dance Common Areas ($5,000).

Patrick J. and Cynthia A. Landry (Self) Construct single family dwelling, two story, wood frame, crawl space, main and second floor, covered porch and enclosed porch at 5872 S. Manitou Blvd ($233,450).

Kasson Township

Township of Kasson (Robert E. Underwood) Construct commercial interior alterations for barrier free bathrooms. “A-3” Use, “VB” Construction type. “130” Total Occupant Load at 10988 S. Newman Road ($17,651).

Suttons Bay Township

Abraham M. and Jodi M. Hummel (Self) Change of Applicant – replaces PB16-347, no change to plan at 9684 E. Smiseth Road.

James E. Hale and Betty J. Carpenter (Jarvis Home Builders LLC) Construct single family dwelling, one story wood frame, unfinished basement, main floor, covered porch and finished unconditioned attached garage at 1407 N. Brencris Ln ($431,640).

Summary of Building Permits

Value of Permits during last week: $716,291
Total Value of Permits through November 8, 2017: $55,190,381
As of November 10, 2016: $49,764,356
As of November 12, 2015: $39,202,752
As of November 15, 2012: $25,785,623
No. of Permits for November 3 to November 8, 2017: 7
Total number of permits for 2017: 660
As of November 10, 2016: 459
As of November 12, 2015: 415
As of November 15, 2012: 285
Number of new housing permits through November 8, 2017: 145
Number of new housing permits through November 10, 2016: 122
Total value of new housing permits for 2017: $36,034,849
Total value of new housing permits for 2016: $34,131,610

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