2017-11-16 / Leelanau Log

Soil Erosion Permits

Bingham Township

James and Margaret Redmond – (Bay Construction Co.) Excavation for new house, garage, septic system and driveway at 12470 E. Hendryx Drive ($125).

Kurt and Sue Mabie – (Leabo Construction) Excavation to dig and fill two dry wells and 5 window wells at 3149 S. Lee Point Road ($125).

Cleveland Township

Frank Zerilli – (Premier Excavating) Excavation for road easement at 1080 W. Hlavka Road ($125).

Leland Township

Gregory Kuntz – (Easling Construction) Excavation to demolish existing house and detached garage. Build new house and detached garage at 209 S. Main Street ($125).

Cheryl Frick – (Old School Builders Inc.) Excavation to remove existing house and build new home, garage, deck and patio at 384 S. Mill Street ($125).

Solon Township

Ken Blackstone – (Mapleridge Construction) Excavation for a 16’x21’ addition and 16’x16’ deck at 6809 E. Birch Point Road ($125).

Edward and Joan Birrell – (Brian Weber) Excavation to build a second story to cottage at 8115 S. Rustic Drive ($80).

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