2017-11-23 / Leelanau Log

Soil Erosion Permits

Centerville Township

Robert Rader and Mary Welter – (Robert Ooley) Excavation to construct an access road at 3350 S. French Road ($175).

Glen Arbor Township

Sylvia J. Heggen Trust – (James Anderson Builders Inc.) Excavation for a new residence, driveway, garage, deck, porch and septic system at Bay Lane ($125).

Leelanau Township

Craig Tiggleman – (Frederickson Service) Excavation to install a driveway and parking area at 9640 E. Seth Road ($125).

Leland Township

Peckham Cottage Holdings LLC – (Easling Construction) Excavation to construct a guest house reconnect existing drain field to serve new guest house, construct a shed, decks, garage and patio at 5565 N Leland Woods Drive ($125).

Solon Township

Mitch & Michelle Hodges – (David Gleason) Excavation to install gravel driveway across lot 11 to 10, 14’x81’x8” deep applying fabric and gravel for drainage in wet area, driveway, house, garage, decks and septic system at S. Partridge Run ($125).

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