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Thanksgiving and shared hope

Does the historic Thanksgiving picture of Europeans dressed as pilgrims and Indians in their Native garb represent an insulting stereotype or fleeting peace among peoples were polar opposites?

We think of neither. We think of the promise of America, which is hope.

Especially in Leelanau County, whose culture is enriched by Peshawbestown, it’s good to reflect on the beginnings of America and understand that we represent just one leg of its journey.

Many people, especially today, tend to paint historic moments and leaders with the social brushes of today. Some feel better — or bigger — from their perched stands, looking down at history from a safe and comfortable lifestyle.

But recall that Pilgrims fled the comfort of England to follow their religious beliefs.

And life among Native peoples headed in winter was brutally challenging.

In those days, food gave rise to hope. And shared food meant shared hope.

We’d like to share our hope for Leelanau in the future with readers, while giving thanks to the events that led us to this wonderful place and time.

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