2017-11-30 / Leelanau Log

Construction Code Authority

Village of Empire

John C. Lambkin (Timothy J. Egeler) Construct residential detached garage with unfinished interior, one story wood frame 25’x50’ at 10154 E. Lambkin Lane ($25,000).

Centerville Township

Jere W. and Judith A. Green (Timothy C. Bruen) Construct residential bedroom addition, one story, wood frame at 6739 S. Glazier Beach Drive ($43,200).

Douglas W. Buffum (Self) Construct alterations to single family to story dwelling; eight window replacements same size and remove and replace of siding at 5920 E. Hohnke Road ($17,000).

Glen Arbor Township

Sudsland LLC (Cooley Contracting LLC) Commercial interior demolition, main floor and second floor at 6026 S. Lake Street ($1).

Jeffry Goliber and Heather Gaffney (North Haven Construction LLC) Construct new single family dwelling, crawl space, main floor, deck and unfinished garage at 1 Frog Pond ($195,160).

Kasson Township

Construct commercial storage building, one story post frame with interior unfinished, “S-1” Use, “VB” Construction Type, and “5” Total Occupant load at 177 E. Kasson Road ($118,108).

Leelanau Township

Sophia J. Johnson Trust (ABSR Inc.) Remove and replace shingles on single family dwelling and garage at 7583 N. Gills Pier Road ($18,155).

Leland Township

Birney Family Trust (Raymond L. Weier) Construct residential addition: Attached finished/not conditioned garage, one story, wood frame at 503 S. Grand Ave. ($21,600).

Martin M. Easling Trust (Easling Construction Company) Construct residential guest house, two story wood frame, main floor, garage with finished interior, crawl space, main floor, second floor, covered porch and deck at 659 N. Duck Lake Trail ($252,240).

Robert P. and Patricia A. Coffaro (Burkholder Construction Co.) Residential demolition of existing deck with porch roof. Replace with Four season porch, crawl space, main floor and deck/porch at 5959 E. Ryans Way ($90,600).

Bonnie L. Orr and Heidi Kruse (Kenneth E. Nielsen) Construct residential alteration of existing upper level above garage at 3387 N. Lake Leelanau Drive ($61,320).

Suttons Bay Township

Lisa M. Flahive (ABSR Inc.) Construct residential – remove and replace shingles to a single family dwelling at 11620 E. Smith Road ($8,014).

Summary of Building Permits

Value of Permits during last week:
Total Value of Permits through November 21, 2017:
As of November 24, 2016:
As of November 26, 2015:
As of November 29, 2012:

No. of Permits for November 16 to November 21, 2017: 12
Total number of permits for 2017: 677
As of November 24, 2016: 470
As of November 26, 2015: 438
As of November 29, 2012: 310

Number of new housing permits through November 21, 2017: 149
Number of new housing permits through November 24, 2016: 125
Total value of new housing permits for 2017: $36,728,719
Total value of new housing permits for 2016: $35,536,295

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