2017-11-30 / Letters

Grandparents and young fathers step up; ‘healthy thing’

To the editor:

We are seeing a new definition of “families” as being more than just mom, pop, and kids. Other cultures embrace the concept and benefits of extended families, and white America is long overdue for this familial upgrade.

Grandparents, for example, are stepping up to the window and helping to raise grandkids. They have brought both their retirement incomes and their years of experience to the table with them. Perhaps it is time to make the transition away from the more stoic definitions of families and start looking at the benefits of extended families.

These “grandkids” are branching out in ways beyond their years because their grandparents often bring the stability and the witness of fifty-year plus marriages to the table.

I am also impressed with the number of young fathers who are seen walking small children and carrying a baby in their arms at the mall on any given Saturday. The new “families” are an amalgam of younger and older people. This is a healthy thing for our society. I believe this will help families stay together because everybody has a purpose and something to contribute.

William E. Scott
N. Manor Wood Drive
Traverse City

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Some of what we see with

Some of what we see with fathers with their children is part of a different set of priorities and values among young parents. That's good. Some of what we see with extended families is born out of necessity. That's not so good.