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On taking a knee

To the editor:

I read Eric Carlson’s thoughts on “taking a knee” and subsequent editorials applauding his article. I do not! Let me explain.

What if, a bunch of white and some black southern NFL football players during the national anthem hoisted the confederate flag and walked down the football field displaying the flag. In addition, explaining they felt their southern heritage was being besmirched by the removal and destruction of statues. Remember the confederate army was composed of black and white soldiers. How do you think this act of free speech would play out? Do you think the NFL would allow these actions?

Let me give further insight, and this zeros in on Colin Kaepernick, because he is the individual who teed this issue up. Colin was a very good multi-sports athlete in high school. We know him as the professional NFL quarterback who lead the San Francisco 49’s to an NFL championship. Now the average playing career of an NFL player is 3.5 years. In truth, Colin’s talents had diminished and he was a second string quarterback. In his mind, I’m sure he believed he should be the starting quarterback. Follow me now, because you haven’t heard this anywhere else, certainly not from the national media. There is a psychological term called “projection.” Projection is a defense mechanism, and occurs when an individual, threatened by his own angry feelings, accuses another of harboring hostile thoughts. This was never about free speech. This is about Colin, this is about “dissing the man,” this is about disrespecting a Republican president .

David A. Canfield
P.O. Box 837

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Canfield offers one of the

Canfield offers one of the more sane and thoughtful views on this subject. At mose college game, the national anthem rolls before the teams take the field. Commonly, the home team’s marching band plays the anthem, then greets that side as it comes onto the field. The President has chosen, as he often does, to make a racial divide over the issue because he has NO SHAME.