2017-12-07 / Leelanau Log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

November 22, 2017

Virginia A. Marach to The Virginia A. Marach Revocable Trust, Section 14 in Kasson Township.

Keith S. and Heather W. Lowe to themselves, Trustees of the Keith S. and Heather W. Lowe Revocable Trust, a ½ interest of Section 12 in Empire Township and a 1/3 interest of Section 5 in Centerville Township.

Sandra L. and David M. Noonan to themselves, Section 32 in Kasson Township.

David M. and Sandra L. Noonan to themselves, Section 29 in Kasson Township.

John M. Kostusyk to Karen E. Latham, Lot 1, Forest Hills Subdivision in Elmwood Township ($252,500).

William K. Davis and Janet B. Davis Revocable Living Trust to New Neighborhood Lodging, LLC, Lot 1, Section 31 in Glen Arbor Township ($332,000).

Charlene Femmininco to Daneen L. Haggard, Unit 42, The Cottages at Brook Hill in Glen Arbor Township ($367,500).

November 27, 2017

Leon Olmsted to himself, Section 9 in Suttons Bay Township.

Frederick J. Hallett, Sr. to himself, Section 35 in Leelanau Township.

Jonathon Kraatz to James D. Kraatz, Section 5 in Kasson Township.

Betty Lou and Linus Laskey to Douglas W. and Sharon K. Rudy, Trustees of The Rudy Family Trust, Lot 2, Section 35 in Centerville Township ($3000).

Terry L. and Nancy L. Naylor to themselves, an undivided 1/4 interest, Apartment No. C-15, Wilderness Condominium in Glen Arbor Township.

John M. Dankovich, Trustee of the John M. Dankovich Revocable Trust to Patricia Lee Stewart Declaration of Trust, Lot 1, Section 25 in Leland Township ($20,000).

Sally M. Thompson to herself and Dawn Y. Coon, Lots 15 and 16, an Addition to Koszarek Acres in Bingham Township.

Thomas and Mary T. Zmolek to themselves, as Trustees of the Thomas Zmolek and Mary T. Zmolek Trust, Lot 27, Sugar Loaf Townhouses No. 3 in Cleveland Township.

Edwin P. Mucha to himself, Unit 101, Postside Condominium in Elmwood Township.

The Donald F. Harriger and Joan Harriger Trust to Brent M. Wiersema and Stephanie M. Morreale, Lot 21 of the Plat of Harriger Beach and Section 5 in Empire Township ($775,000).

November 28, 2017

Robert R. Vander Molen to Thomas and Ellen Muth, Lot 241, Plat of Cherry Home Shores No. 4 in Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Mark A. Eidelson and Caryl S. Markzon, Co-Trustees of the Mark A. Eidelson and Caryl S. Markzon Trust to William D. and Susan K. Fales, Lot 1, Section 5 in Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Charles E. and Theresa C. McDonald to Noah D. and Tegan E. Creamer, Sections 19 and 30 in Solon Township ($10,000).

November 29, 2017

Ryan Parker to Herbert A. Salgat, Jr. and Mark S. Salgat, Lot 7, Section 28 in Elmwood Township.

David L. Novak to Denise A. Fee, Section 34 in Centerville Township.

Denise A. Fee to David Novak, Section 34 in Centerville Township.

Craig A. Brown to himself, Trustee of the Craig A. Brown Revocable Trust, Unit 12 of the Cottage Condominium in the City of Traverse City.

Mary K. Lizenby, a 4/24 undivided interest, Edward A. Kirt, a 4/24 undivided interest, Sandra M. Kirt, a 4/24 undivided interest, Ann M. Forrester, a 4/24 undivided interest, William Tolstedt Jr., a 1/24 undivided interest, Chad Tolstedt, a 1/24 undivided interest, Lisa Fritz, a 1/24 undivided interest and Cindi Gibson, a 1/24 undivided interest to Russell R. Kirt, Section 19 in Centerville Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Alex R. Peplinski to Austin and Marie Novak, Section 27 in Kasson Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Kiessel Farms, LLC to Kiessel Brothers, LLC, Section 16 in Bingham Township.

David L. Novak to Stephan M. and Sun Young Tostige, Section 34 in Centerville Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Gerard L. and Winfred Jacobson to Florida M. Knurick and David Firlit, Lots 32 and 33, Cherry Home Shores in Leelanau Township ($21,000).

Michael Murray and Christine Murray to Daren and Angela Dixon, Unit 34, Leelanau Highlands Condominium in Elmwood Township ($442,500).

Rose P. Falberg to Tyler K. and Megan E. Long, Lot 18, Hillview Subdivision in Elmwood Township ($26,000).

Michael H. Burnett, Trustee of the Michael H. Burnett Revocable Trust to Alexis and Jon Bach, Section 22 in Empire Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Bruce J. Donaldson to Dawn and William Skea, Section 33 in Kasson Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

James D. and Marjorie C. Pickell to Jeff and Rachel Spalding, Lots 3 and 4, Section 26 in Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

November 30, 2017

Mark DeKorne, as to his 50 percent interest to David Van Wingerden, an undivided 1/8 interest in unit 13, Le Bear Resort Condominium in Glen Arbor Township ($57,500).

Ronald E. and Ilse H. Dove to Tamara L. and Harley P. Hoy, Lot 18, Outback Ridge No. 2 in Elmwood Township ($505,000).

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