2017-12-07 / Letters

America’s role too large in world protection: resume draft?

To the editor:

I suggest our country acts to reinstate the selective-service draft. We are currently in 187 countries worldwide, chasing safety for America’s citizens to meet their demand, with seemingly more going forward requires a significant human resource commitment.

Our nation should be providing this element on an equal basis, not assigning it to lifetime soldiers and their families, as noble and honorable as they all are.

During the Civil War, conscription allowed individuals pay others to fight in their place. Today’s military alignment is not much different.

Resuming the draft would assure a larger portion of our people would have skin in the game. More attention may lead to discussion of a foreign policy predicated on waging unwinnable, unending wars.

Bradley Price
E. Kovarik Rd.

Editor’s note: If this letter looks familiar to Enterprise readers, there’s reason. Hand written by Mr. Price, our typist missed a line in the first paragraph so it was not published in our Nov. 2 edition in its original form. Above is the letter as penned by Mr. Price, who we apologize to for the mistake.

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