2017-12-07 / Letters

Hard to Give in Northport

To the editor:

I don’t write many letters to the Editor but I think this needs to be said publicly. Bill Collins said in the December 1st issue of the Record Eagle, regarding Tax Free Status of the Northport Creek Golf Course, “it is hard to give things away up here in Northport.”

It would not be so hard to give if the gifts were not so contentious. Remember, the golf course property is what made the, now financially troubled sewer system possible, and it hardly contributes any money toward the debt payments or user fees. Also the hard-to-give-away parking lot removed one of the lower priced houses in Northport, with one REU, that appears to be for the benefit of Tuckers.

I know the golf course is nice and Tuckers looks a lot better than the old vacant Woody’s and the sewer has helped make that possible. But, remember that now that Tuckers is there, the restaurant across the street stands empty.

In anticipation of the golf course becoming a tax-free property with the profit/loss going to the Village of Northport, I have asked the Village, at the Council meeting of 4/6/17, to use some of the gross revenue to reimburse Leelanau Township for the amount of taxes it is losing. This does not help the other government entities that are losing tax revenue, but at least it will help Northport’s sewer partner keep its general fund balance up a little bit so it can pay its share of the sewer debt.

Remember, all of these amenities coming to the Village are helping drive the housing costs up to the point that moderate and low income people are finding it hard to live here and now we are looking for ways to subsidize lower cost housing.

Allan Dalzell
North West Bayshore Dr.
Northport, MI

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