2017-12-07 / Letters

Replies to letter writers; rather read Mrs. Bowen

To the editor:

As to Barbara Abbott’s denigrating Republican strategies, Milton Friedman was a very well respected economist that many Republicans looked up to and I don’t think the Bushes were part of the large group. And, as I recall Reagan beat Bush for the Republican nomination, and in the most recent Republican race for its nomination, the people didn’t want anything to do with the Bushes.

And as for Alice Littlefield of Omena, I’d much rather hear from Another Omena writer to the Enterprise, Mrs. Bowen, on her take on things in Washington D.C.

And concerning that great Democrat, Bill Clinton, during his time in office, the Republicans won the majority in Congress for the first time in 45 years.

Philip Christophersen
Island view Dr.
Northport, MI

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