2017-12-07 / Life in Leelanau

County host to 4 public libraries

Four public libraries are located on the Leelanau Peninsula, and you’ll find an overview of each in our coverage this week. Elmwood and Solon townships are served by the Traverse Area District Library. Following is some basic information about libraries located in the county.

Glen Lake Community Library


Empire, Glen Arbor and Kasson townships.

Revenue sources

.28-mill property tax was approved for five years by voters in three member townships in 2016. The levy generates all but about $27,000 of the library’s $224,000 budget.

Library board members

Lou Ricord, Bruce Westover, Roy Pentilla, Bill Batterson, Ann Davey, Doug Lake, Kathy Drabik, Julie Morris and Chris Nelson.

Leelanau Township Library


Leelanau Township, including Northport Village.

Revenue sources

Funded by the Leelanau Township general fund at about $120,000 for fiscal year 2016-’17. Fundraising by The Friends of the Leelanau Township Library, donations, grants, video and printing fees, and penal fines make up remaining income.

Library board members

The Leelanau Township Board serves as the library board. Members are Supervisor Doug Scripps, Clerk Deb Van Pelt, Treasurer Denise Dunn and trustees Galen Leighton and Gary Fredrickson.

Leland Township Public Library


Leland Township plus Cleveland, Centerville and Solon townships through contract.

Revenue sources

Voted property tax of .4 mill in Leland Township generates $170,000. Also, a share of penal fines for traffic and other violations generates $12,000. The funds come from fines paid by residents of Leland, Cleveland, Centerville and Solon townships. Donations are also a regular revenue source.

Library Board of Directors

Berkley Duck, president; Georgia Rivers, vice president; Bret Crimmins, treasurer; Robert Soutas-Little, secretary; Powell Smith; and Laurie Leppink Lisuk. Suttons Bay-Bingham District Library

Jurisdiction: Suttons Bay and Bingham townships

Revenue Sources: A 0.5-mill property tax approved for five years by voters in the two member townships in 2016 generated $243,916 in fiscal 2016-2017. That amount represents about 89 percent of the total $273,220 in revenue generated. The rest comes from penal fines, state aid, fees and donations.

Library Board Members: John Krug, president; Clarence “Clix” Heerema, vice president; Barbara Graves, treasurer; Marge Johnson, secretary; Sue Gentges, trustee; and Sandy Boone, trustee.

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