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Thoughts on Christmas planning

Like you, we’re inundated with online crap.

Sorry to be so crass, but it’s true. You name the subject, and it’s at your fingertips in some form. Much patience is needed to wade through all the pop-up ads and paid-for misdirection.

We did come upon a piece of interest about holiday planning that got us to thinking. Following is our list for a better Christmas:

• Prioritize what you want to do for the 2017 holiday season. Especially with children involved, time is precious. Make a list, and put it in order. We often spend too much time on numbers 5-20, causing us to hurry or completely miss one through four.

• Limit your shopping. We’re always suggesting to “shop local,” so that in itself will eliminate an hour of driving to “the city” and back. Things bought are easily discarded. Things crafted, like relationships, are worth retaining.

• Renew your vows to family, friends and, if appropriate for you, faith. You won’t find a better reason to move closer to people you love than Christmas.

• Finally, expand that circle of love to one more person or family this Christmas season.

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