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Author ‘reminisces’ about past missteps by Dems

To the editor:

Let’s reminisce!

1994, Bill Clinton gifted North Korea $5 billion plus nuclear reactors, appeasements for ending their nuclear missile program. Jimmy Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the deal.

Nobel Peace recipient and gun control advocate Obama gifted Iranian’s chanting “death to America” a $400 million cash “settlement” plus $150 billion unapologetically intended for terrorism and nukes to annihilate America!

Unsecured borders and sanctuary cities, known as Obama’s diversifying, free-for- all welfare recipient voter drive, beckoned trespassers, criminals, drug dealers, vicious MS13 gangs and bloodthirsty terrorists. Obama proclaimed, whilst enjoying his ... 24/7 complimentary lifetime security, “we can absorb a terrorist attack.” Translation: “You’ll” be absorbing and paying for everything.

1985, Senator Diane Feinstein, then San Francisco Mayor Feinstein, declared San Francisco a city of refuge, aka sanctuary cities’ humble beginnings.

Taxpayers’ $830 billion infrastructure stimulus stimulated Obama’s kickback cronies ... Paid agitators created and exploited liberals’ agenda driven disturbances.

IRS corruption remains unpunished. Obama’s gunrunning to Mexican drug cartels, ending with American bloodshed, remains unpunished. Comey’s stealing and leaking FBI documents remains unpunished. Hillary’s security breaching email scandal defied subpoenas, destroyed evidence, and remains unpunished. The fictitious Russian Dossier bankrolled by sainthood contender Hillary, then delivered to Comey and the NY Times, intentionally morphed into Mueller’s investigation.

Swamp mates Holder, Lynch, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein and Hillary, concealed, sealed and silenced the FBI’s Russian bribery investigation before selling 20 percent of America’s uranium to Russia. Hillary’s reward, $145 million kickback. Billy’s reward after conversing with Putin, $500,000 speeches.

Warmongers Iran, Russia, China and North Korea’s rewards courtesy of enablers Hillary, “Impeached” Billy and “Peace” recipient Obama? Diversifying nuclear missiles, aimed at and intended to annihilate America, subsidized by American taxpayers.

Godspeed America!

Mary L Bowen
P.O. Box 116, Omena

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The Washington Post

The Washington Post regularily issues "Pinocchios'" for the greatest exaggerations or lies of the week. I would like to grant FOUR Pinocchios to the author for her continues distortion of the facts and her often pure claims that are simply untrue. CONGRATULATIONS!

Good Lord, has the writer of

Good Lord, has the writer of this letter lost her mind? Dredging up stories from as far back as the 1980's, some of which are pure lies, because she can no longer defend Republicans and their money grab is lunacy. Godspeed to get them out of office is what we need, not this type of foolishness. It is dumb stuff like this that got them elected in the first place. Republicans - thank your lucky stars for the uninformed.