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School should not send students to Planned Parenthood

To the editor:

I have to wonder why the Northport School Board members are so upset about the new state-mandated policy governing reproductive health & family planning. The policy says a public school district is prohibited from referring a student for an abortion.

Do they actually think they would be helping a student by referring them to Planned Parenthood? Do they know that Planned Parenthood performs 300,000 abortions per year? Do they know about post abortion syndrome and what that does to a woman? She may live with depression, guilt, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, nightmares, alcohol and drug use for the rest of her life. And what about the effects on the father?

Planned Parenthood is not out there to help the mother. They are out there to make money by performing abortions.

Has anyone on the School Board ever heard of the Pregnancy Care Center in Traverse City? The actually help women by listening and counseling. They do not judge and will not push to kill the unborn baby. They will even counsel the father. They can perform an ultrasound to be sure of the pregnancy and will help with diapers and clothing. Their door is always open and they are always willing to help even after a baby is born.

Vicky Schlueter
E. Solem Rd.
Suttons Bay, MI

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The multiple videos exposing

The multiple videos exposing Planned Parenthood's grisly and illegal practice of selling baby body parts for PROFIT undeniably contradicts the foregoing opinions. Further, if PP is truly "nonprofit" and "depends heavily on donations from supporters" then tell us Why there is such a hue and cry every time lawmakers or even individual judges attempt to diminish the enormous and incessant flow of taxpayer money to PP ?? That is a Fact that also belies such opinions. Moreover, the "3%" mantra is a MYTH. [Here is one of many dozens of references about that wak argument: http://www.lifenews.com/2012/10/05/false-abortion-is-only-3-of-planned-p... ] ..... Anyone with a healthy degree of skepticism knows that it's a fact that Statistics are frequently used to deceive and polls aren't intended to measure public opinion as much as they are to form it __ Finally, Schools should have no right whatsoever to override Parental authority over minor children

Planned Parenthood is a

Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit. It depends heavily on donations from supporters. It does not "make money." Most of its services consist of reproductive health care for people who can't afford it -- mammograms, Pap smears, contraceptives, treating STDs. None of these services are provided by anti-abortion pregnancy centers. With the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid under attack by the GOP, organizations like Planned Parenthood will be even more necessary. Only 3% of PP services consist of abortions.

Well said!

Well said!