2017-12-21 / Courts

Man arrested for driving drunk already convicted

TAELMAN TAELMAN A 67-year-old Williamsburg man was arrested for drunk driving after his car slipped off the roadway earlier this month.

In a case of swift justice, he’s already pleaded guilty.

Deputies responded just before noon on Dec. 11 to a report of a white Ford sedan off the roadway on M-22, south of M-204.

The deputy located the vehicle, which was northbound when the driver, Gary W. Taelman, lost control and slid off the roadway.

During a conversation with the driver, the deputy detected an odor of alcohol. Taelman denied drinking that day but admitted to drinking the night before.

An investigation led to Taelman’s arrest for operating while intoxicated and an additional charge of operating with a high blood-alcohol content (BAC).

A breath test showed his blood alcohol level was 2 1/2 times the legal limit.

Taelman pleaded guilty Tuesday in District Court to operating while intoxicated. The high BAC charge was dismissed.

He is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 9.

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