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Hoping for hope following Alabama’s rejection of Moore

To the editor:

My first notice of the king of obstructionism was in the early 1990’s. He had only been in office about six years, not quite long enough to do the damage to our senate that we are now experiencing. Prior to having any leadership role, he was the minion of big agriculture, protecting the industry any way he could, helping to make sure regulations on the Ag industry were kept at a minimum.

Mitch’s personal financial picture was on the increase, currently sitting at 33rd on the list of the congressional millionaires club with over 42 million dollars in assets (OpenSecrets.org).

This political hypocrite allowed Scott Brown, newly elected MA U.S. senator, to immediately assume his seat, no doubt to vote against ObamaCare. With the recent election of Alabama’s newest senator, Doug Jones, we hear that McConnell will wait to seat Mr. Jones, making sure the tax bill passes before the new Democrat is seated. McConnell’s hypocrisy includes his refusal to allow President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee to come to the floor for a vote. The man is politically unethical; unfortunately he was recently re-elected to a six-year term. This senator does not represent the values of the majority of the United States population.

Despite the backing of McConnell, Trump, and Bannon, the Republican Party received a sharp stick in the eye when Alabamans voted against “Moore the pervert,” voicing a strong message that they will not accept this despicable behavior. I am still wondering about Alabama’s evangelicals and 57% of white women who voted for a child molester over an honorable man.

Is there hope for Alabama going forward in the 21st century? I hope so.

W. D. Bushey
S. Lakeview Rd.
Elmwood Twp.

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Agree about Mitch McConnell.

Agree about Mitch McConnell. One day he's for something and the next day he may be against it. It seems to be only tactical expedience that counts with him. He counts on his constituents having a short memory.