2017-12-28 / Letters

Health Concerns

To the editor:

It’s sad that the owners of Leelanau Coffee Roasting have chosen to ignore health concerns and their own industry’s best practices. Search “coffee roasting dangers” and you will find numerous research articles from the CDC, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, etc., documenting permanent lung damage and noxious fumes caused by roasting and grinding coffee beans. Since the plant began operation the summer of 2016, neighbors downwind have experienced nausea, headaches and asthma attacks up to a mile away, driving them indoors to close windows. It’s awful not to be able to work outdoors or enjoy sitting on your own porch on roasting days. Our fresh rural air is a thing of the past. And, yes, Mr. Arens, the stench wasn’t there before you began operations and has been tracked by numerous neighbors directly back to your facility. I can only hope you have more concern for your workers than you do your neighbors. Maybe your workers should contact OSHA to ensure the safety of their lungs? Yes, following industry standards to eliminate odors might increase product costs; but Leelanau Roasting’s profits should not come at the expense of neighbors’ health, well-being and property values. Come on, Leelanau Roasting, be a good neighbor and win back the local business good-will you’ve lost. Clean up your act.

Christine Hauke
S. Tower Rd
Maple City, MI 49664

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