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Reaction to war chants represents political correctness

To the editor:

I read the article about the Glen Lake students being silenced, publicly humiliated, and summarily deprived of their rights with amazement, to say the least. All of this because of a little playful teasing of the opposition during a sports event? Apparently free speech rights end at Glen Lake’s doors, except for free speech which doesn’t potentially offend anyone, anywhere, anytime. This is the stuff of intellectual and administrative cowardice supposedly designed to protect someone from hearing anything that might upset him/her. Glen Lake history classes ought to be interesting when they get to First Amendment, if they do.

Political correctness, which is what this was, is designed to coerce people into thinking, speaking, and acting in a way of which the left approves. Anything else is dubbed “hate speech”. Doubtless the students “escorted” (were they really that dangerous?) from the gym, and then forced to publicly grovel will doubtless be suitably terrorized into not re-offending. Leftist mission accomplished.

But it shouldn’t have been. Life is full of hard knocks and if someone, anyone, is offended by something as harmless as a little teasing at a high school sports event then that someone had better grow a thicker skin because things aren’t going to get better as he/she grows older.

BTW, did the target of the teasing complain? If he did, boo hoo. If not, good for him; he is more grown up than the politically correct, meaning un- American, Glen Lake administrators.

Charles Knapp
W. Harbor Hwy
Maple City

Editor’s note: The content of this letter is referred to in “Our Opinion” found on page 4.

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What a horrible bigoted

What a horrible bigoted letter by what has to be a terrible person. The writer should be ashamed.