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Looking Back...

5 YEARS AGO January 3, 2013

In his first hour on the job, newly elected Sheriff Mike Borkovich helped in ticketing a motorist who as flying down M-22 for speeding and arrested another for drunken driving.

He spent what was mostly a quiet night riding along with several of his deputies.

* * *

The deaths of three children in Leelanau County during the past year rocked area residents, who not only grieved their loss but questioned why their deaths had to happen. In one case, officials were spurred to make changes in how swimmers are warned of dangers at area public beaches.

* * *

Bob Moir is thankful he resisted the temptation to rip out an oversensitive smoke detector at his Cedar home. The detector saved his life when a fire swept through his home early Christmas morning. “I’m telling my story so that others won’t disconnect theirs,” Moir said.

10 YEARS AGO January 3, 2008

The situation for Craig and Anita Huffman of Toledo, Ohio, may be emblematic of what’s happening with skiing in Leelanau County this season. The couple and their two girls were enjoying fresh powder snow at The Homestead resort last week. But they were staying at their condo adjacent to Sugar Loaf Resort. “I’ve been coming up here for about 25 years now,” said Craig Huffman. “And we bought the condo at Sugar Loaf about six years ago because we heard the resort was going to reopen.”

* * *

Arlene Lautner still remembers the day when Norris Elementary Principal Merle Bredehoeft talked about problems with the drinking water at the school. “He said, ‘Arlene, when you take a glass and get it out of the faucet, it looks like beer,’” Lautner recalled Bredehoeft saying. “Our kids were drinking that water.”

* * *

Some children dream of what they want to be when they grow up. But 11-year-old twins Mario and Maria Cassem of Lake Leelanau are already living the dream. The fourth graders are home for the holidays after spending the past four months working in Hollywood.

35 YEARS AGO January 6, 1983

Oh, no. Not again. Last year we were saying that about blizzards. But this year, people in Leelanau – with a tourist economy in need of the dollars of skiers – are saying it about he lack thereof. Leelanau received a whopping 6 1/2 inches of the white stuff over the past week, mostly through a gentle lake-effect snowfall Thursday and Friday.

* * *

Cherry trees across Leelanau County may have been injured by the sudden change in weather conditions of the last two weeks, although the extent of injury won’t be known for sure until spring. County agricultural agent James Nugent says cherry trees may have lost some of the “hardiness” that protects them from freezing conditions when temperatures rose to 60 and above degrees.

* * *

After nearly three years, the tax assessment increase appeal of 18 Centerville Township fruit farmers is over. The end of the dispute was announced last week by David Vander Haagen, a Lansing attorney hired by the orchardists to fight the assessment increases before the Michigan Tax Tribunal and confirmed Tuesday by county Equalization Director Jeffery Bruggeman.

60 YEARS AGO January 9, 1958

In a meeting at Suttons Bay high school Tuesday evening, the school boards from Northport, Leland, Suttons Bay and Elmwood discussed the possibility of a school consolidation as one solution for county school problems. It was emphasized by school officials who were at the meeting that the group was merely exploring certain avenues to improvement of educational facilities.

* * *

The Sugar Loaf Mountain ski slopes near Lime Lake officially opened this past weekend and a crowd of ski enthusiasts from the area, estimated as upwards of 100 people turned out for the opening and skiing under almost ideal conditions. The Sugar Loaf Ski Club has reorganized under a new board of directors.

* * *

The Carmelite nuns of Traverse City have planned a new $200,000 monastery to be erected on a 30-acre site just outside of Traverse City limits in Leelanau County. The new structure is vitally needed, the sisters say to alleviate over crowded conditions in the present Carmelite monastery.

120 YEARS AGO December 16, 1898

Mr. Hubbell, of Manistee, engineer of the M. and N. E. R. R. was at Provemont Tuesday evening to confer with the committee from the different towns, as to the feasibility, of extending a branch of their road through the county.

* * *

The K. O. T. M.’s will give a grand masquerade party at Bryant’s hall on New Year’s Eve. Everybody is cordially invited to attend, and a good time is expected. Frank Volanta will furnish music with the harp.

* * *

A. F. Bunting, of Empire, was in town on Monday on legal business.

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