2018-01-04 / Letters

Taking a contrary approach to New Year

To the editor:

Happy New Year…Baa, humbug….

It is the night before New Years, 2018, and all through the house was peace and tranquility, right? Because this holiday so closely follows Christmas, which is the personification of “Peace on Earth and Good Will towards Men,” we assume nothing but the best for the coming year.

However, for some of us who are “contraries,” it is actually a time of great sadness. We are forced to look backwards to the events and relationships that we negatively impacted, rather then forward to the hope that we have been somehow transformed into a more perfect being.

People who are more upbeat and better liked, such as my wife, simply smile at us contraries and see us as a challenge to be cured of negativism. That being said, there is value in being a less-than-person human being. For one, when we do reach a conclusion, there is something comforting about having looked at all of the options before we act on any particular issue or decision. Besides, it is the nature of a wife to “fix” her husband?

Baa, humbug

William E. Scott
N. Manor Wood Dr.
Traverse City

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