2018-01-11 / Letters

Cancel bike trail permit in favor of passive recreation

To the editor:

The Leelanau State park is a resource of a very unique and special experience. A walk through the climax forest borders on the spiritual. Skiing or snowshoeing in winter is equally moving. The DNR, as the steward of the park, owes its primary obligation to protect the resource. The DNR must balance this protection with appropriate use of the park by citizens who own it.

The highest and best use of the hiking trails must be passive in nature. Fat tire biking on the mechanically groomed trails is not passive recreation.

Riders must be focused on the ride and not so much on the surrounding environment. The experience in no way matches the passive, quiet and peaceful experience that now exists.

The DNR must cancel the temporary permit for biking in the park and please, in the future, allow for public input in these decisions.

John A. Nelson
Inchochee Crest
Traverse City

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