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Prosecuting opioid addiction

Drugs are fun, exciting and profitable.

While watching two young defendants in court who are charged with playing a role in the heroin death of a Suttons Bay man, you get a feeling that they once may have held that thought.

They look and act like kids, having been caught exchanging letters plotting their way out of jail. Like love letters in the school cafeteria.

Romeo and Juliet or Bonnie and Clyde?

Gone is the life of Suttons Bay resident Kevin D. Yannett. Erin S. Grant, 20, and Preston Weaver, 21, are charged with selling him the heroin that caused his death.

We agree in many ways with Mr. Weaver’s attorney, Jesse Williams, who says we cannot prosecute ourselves out of the grip of opioid drugs has placed on society. Do we throw away two lives for a life we cannot save?

But Mr. Yannett was only 31. What do we say to his family?

Ms. Grant and Mr. Weaver are learning that youth has a way of making life bigger and simpler than it turns out to be.

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