2018-01-18 / Front Page

Blizzard by the numbers

It took more than a week and $150,000 to cleanup from the Blizzard of ‘78 — that’s more than $583,000 today with inflation.

Here are some other numbers related to the storm that hit the county 40 years ago this month:

 Forty-eight drivers and other Road Commissioner workers put in 12-hour days with many staying at Road Commission garages to Suttons Bay and Maple City, grabbing a little sleep in their vehicles before resuming their battle with the snow

 Three road graders equipped with V-plow, five loaders to move great heaps of snow and 20 trucks with plows were used in the cleanup effort.

 A week later, most roads could be traversed but a section of Co. Rd. 620 in Centerville Township remained close.

 Damage to property amounted to more than $870,000, with fruit trees accounting for all but $30,000 this amount.

 Twenty-five barns had an estimated $15,000 in damage. The roof of Suttons Bay School was damages along with docks at Fishtown.

 About 22,000 pounds of milk had to be dumped Jan. 26 and 27 because it could not be picked up with virtually all roads in the county shut. The loss was calculated at $2,400, which was equal to the amount paid in overtime to Road Commission workers during the storm.

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