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'Insidious' organization

To the editor:

Thank you Vickie Schlueter (12/14/2017). Your advice to the Northport School Board will help them to be in compliance with our State law protecting their students from that insidious organization - Planned Parenthood.

A corollary effect was to draw Robert Grover out of the shadowy world of abortion apologetics (1/4/2018). Mr. Grover thinks Planned Parenthood provides “excellent women’s health programs”. They don’t. What they do is abortions, more than any other doctor, hospital or clinic in this country. The fact is, they did more than 321,000 abortions last year, for which they charged the federal Medicaid program $543,000,000 (that’s MILLION). That doesn’t include abortions caused by the so-called “morning-after” pill, or those contraceptive pills that are also abortifacients.

“Legal”? Planned Parenthood has been found to have sold brains, livers, hearts and other bodily organs “harvested” from the babies they’ve killed, by the House Select Investigative Panel, and referred for prosecution under Federal and State Laws.

“Safe”? Safe for whom? Not safe for the baby. That baby is DEAD!

“Rare”? Who would call over one million abortions last year, 321,000 by Planned Parenthood, “rare”?

Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood, said it’s objective by various means, was to get rid of the “weeds” in our country, something she admired about Nazi Germany. Could that be why Planned Parenthood clinics are inordinately located in Black and other disadvantaged neighborhoods? Could that explain why 35-40% of all reported abortions are performed on Black women, who comprise only 12-13% of the female population. This American Holocaust has killed well over 50,000,000 of the most innocent, the most defenseless, human beings God ever created, and Planned Parenthood has been its primary perpetrator. We cannot allow this to continue.

Lawrence E. Bunchek
P.O. Box 324

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Mr. Julien, Please cite a

Mr. Julien, Please cite a Biblical basis for your statement of, "That no baby's soul is ever extinguished by a fetal abortion but rather, a loving God implants that soul into the next live birth."

Mr. Bunchek, I know two

Mr. Bunchek, I know two things for sure: That no baby's soul is ever extinguished by a fetal abortion but rather, a loving God implants that soul into the next live birth. What did you think He did? I also know the billionaires are laughing at you as they pick your pocket while watching you vote Republican again and again despite that party doing nothing for you, ever. This from Doug Julien, AIA.