2018-01-18 / Views

Sugar Loaf it is

We’re going with Sugar Loaf.

Enterprise reporter Eric Carlson tracked down a somewhat whimsical story last week on the proper spelling for Sugar Loaf Resort. That’s how we’ve spelled the place in recent years, but you can find at least three different spellings by snooping around in documents and other news stories.

Sugar Loaf was originally the brainchild of a few county residents who in the 1950s thought having a world-class ski hill would help create a year-round economy. They were right.

The new owner of Sugar Loaf, Jeff Katofsky, had used “Sugarloaf” because that spelling was used in marketing the sale of the property. We appreciated his frankness when reached. “(I) haven’t given it a thought,” he said.

The deed to the hill with the most beautiful view in at least the Midwest says “Sugar Loaf.” But if it helps to get the resort up and running again, we’ll change to any spelling — or name, for that matter.

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