2018-01-25 / Courts

Man who threatened with boxcutter won’t stand trial

FLOROS FLOROS A 25-year-old Traverse City man charged in connection with an incident in which he threatened to harm others at Suttons Bay Public Schools this week was declared incompetent to stand trial.

Nikolas K. Floros of 8625 S. Lakeview Ridge Trail was determined to be incompetent after an evaluation by a State of Michigan forensic psychiatrist.

“The psychiatrist evaluates whether the defendant can be held criminally responsible and whether they are competent to stand trial,” chief assistant Prosecutor Doug Donaldson said.

Criminal responsibility examines whether the defendant has the capacity to understand the wrongful nature of their conduct. Competency is determined by examining whether a subject understands the proceedings and can assist in preparation of a defense.

Floros allegedly walked into Suttons Bay High School on Sept. 28 as a visitor and displayed a box cutter to school Principal Shawn Walbecq, saying he wanted to harm others.

Walbecq and male teachers convinced the intruder to enter the school’s empty gym while the school was placed on lock-down, with doors to classrooms bolted.

Deputies responded, interviewed Floros, placed him in protective custody and transported him to Munson Medical Center.

Floros, who is known to have issues with mental illness, had been under the care of his parents.

He will now be sent to a psychiatric facility downstate for treatment.

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