2018-01-25 / Letters

Tax breaks are diversions, Trump judges unqualified

To the editor:

Over a year ago a disagreement started and as arguments go there is always a choosing of sides. A “right or wrong” or an “us verses them” mentality. It began with the rallying cry of “fake news” against the Truth, the Free Press and the First Amendment. It since has escalated into a series of protracted skirmishes against the dedicated professionals of the FBI, the entirety of the U.S. Intelligence community and the integrity of the Justice Department. It will ultimately end when the battle for the Federal Judiciary has been decided.

Don’t be diverted by tax breaks and bizarre tweets. The most important record of events shows that President Trump and his allies are taking the U.S. federal government down the road toward authoritarianism, starting with their early and on-going attempts to give away lifetime Federal Judgeship appointments to a totally unqualified group of people simply because of their ideology and not based on their merit. In his usual audacious way, Trump recently re-submitted the names of some who had previously been graded “decidedly unfit” for these very same judgeships. If successful, Trump’s activities as president will cause permanent damage to our Judiciary and the rule of law in this country for many decades to come.

Just as any person who is suffering from a severe health crisis, we would want and demand the most experienced professionals to manage our care and to make the best of possible decisions, as our lives would certainly depend upon it. We, as citizens, must also expect that our Federal Court system be filled with the best legal minds available and not by some obscure lawyer who has never presented a case. If the Trump administration has it’s way, there will be no second opinions in any American Court of Law.

John Hunter
E. Melissa Dr.
Bingham Twp.

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