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Looking Back...

5 YEARS AGO January 31, 2013

A new law that goes into effect in late March bans the use of cell phones by young drivers with Level 1 and Level 2 licenses, who are less than 16 years old and already have other restrictions. The exceptions are if the teen is reporting a crash, an emergency or a crime. A teen caught using a cell phone while driving can get a ticket that will cost them up to $100. The teen will also face possible suspension of their license.

* * *

A movement is afoot in Lansing to divert funds budgeted for marina construction projects in 2013 toward the dredging of harbors, including those in Leelanau County. Record low water levels in Lake Michigan have caused harbor masters in Leland, Northport, Suttons Bay and Greilickville to begin preparing for the 2013 boating season early.

* * *

The newly-seated Benzie-Leelanau District Board of Health has a lot on its plate, and much of it has little to do with public health. Nasty allegations of sexual harassment, demotion of the longtime department director and his request for reinstatement surfaced at the first meeting of the group last week

10 YEARS AGO January 31, 2008

Postal workers aren’t the only people who face the elements as they complete their “appointed rounds” – even in the kinds of conditions that all but paralyzed the county this week. Garbage collection continued throughout the county Wednesday in near blizzard conditions since refuse collection, like the delivery of mail, doesn’t wait for good weather.

* * *

Crime and vehicle accident statistics for 2007 in Leelanau County are showing a modest downturn from previous years. Leelanau County Sheriff Mike Oltersdorf said this week that Sheriff’s Department personnel are currently compiling a set of reports for 2007 that must be submitted to the Michigan State Police and federal agencies later this year.

* * *

Brad Lutz of Omena has signed an option to purchase Sugar Loaf Resort from Kate Wickstrom. Lutz told the Enterprise just before press time on Wednesday that Wickstrom had signed the agreement early this week. Terms of the pending sale were not disclosed, but the news was being hailed in the county.

35 YEARS AGO February 3, 1983

The 4-month-old, $30,000 investigation into what authorities say was a murder and poisoning of at least four other persons continued this week in the wake of the arrest Friday of a part-time housekeeper at the two Leland summer homes where the poisonings took place. Held without bond in the County Jail pending a scheduled court appearance tomorrow is Karen Jean Belknap.

* * *

For the last 10 years the Village of Empire has been trying to regain a 700-by-7,200 foot strip of land along its southern boundary from Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore jurisdiction, and the battle appears a long way from over. The Village Council considers a recent Office of Management and Budget order banning the transfer of property between federal agencies.

* * *

Sugar Loaf Mountain Resort will be putting up its “no vacancy” sign next Wednesday and Thursday nights as more than 1,200 Michigan Special Olympics athletes, volunteers and chaperones swell the resort for annual winter games. All available rooms at Sugar Loaf will be filled according to Tom Forgie, who is coordinating the games.

60 YEARS AGO February 6, 1958

All the Catholic high schools in Leelanau county may be merged to form a consolidated Catholic high school according to plans that are now being considered by church authorities. A meeting between local Catholic school authorities and Monseigneur Thomas Bolger, superintendent of schools for the Grand Rapids Diocese has been set for Feb. 20 at St. Mary’s school in Lake Leelanau.

* * *

A. L. WIlson, state banking commissioner and former president of the Traverse City State bank, speaking before the Suttons Bay Chamber of Commerce stated that in his estimation the current economic recession is bound to get worse before it gets better. Words from Washington prophesying an early upturn in the nations economy are he believes, not justified by the evidence.

* * *

The Glen Lake Community high school will be officially dedicated in ceremonies at the school, this Sunday, Feb. 9, at 2:30 p.m., with Senator Charles E. Potter making the dedicatory address and Representative Robert P. Griffin presenting, to the school, a flag which has flown over the nation’s capital in Washington.

120 YEARS AGO January 27, 1898

Frank Fisher, wife and daughter traveled to Traverse City Saturday expecting to return Sunday morning but wind piled up the snow drifts and closed roads. They did not return until Monday night as the storm was much worse in Traverse City.

* * *

R. Schomberg is paying 28 cents per bushel for oats delivered to his store in Good Harbor.

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