2018-02-01 / Leelanau Log

Construction Code Authority

Bingham Township

K & K Farms Group LLC (Larry D. Shugart) Construct new commercial building for Cider tasting, one story wood frame on slab; main floor with Vestibule and covered porch. “M” Mercantile Use, “VB” Construction type and “52” Total Occupant load at 3870 S. West Bay Shore Drive ($159,861).

Cleveland Township

William A. and Gail A. Bernstein (Archer Contracting Company) Construct residential interior alterations at 172 E. Traverse Lake Road ($81,000).

Elmwood Township

Joseph R. and Lorraine H. Lamie (Anderson Cabinet Co. LLC) Construct residential alteration – remove and replace windows at 12884 S. Sylvia Street ($1).

Empire Township

David and Nancy A. Friend (Self) Construct residential garage addition to a one story MRC Manufactured home, attached unfinished garage on slab with finished breezeway/stairway at 9987 W. Friend Street ($22,630).

Glen Arbor Township

Jerry L. and Marcia D. Tubergen (Mike Schaap Builders Inc.) Change of contractor – refer to permit # PB16-0491 at 4645 W. Northwood Drive ($0).

Daryl R. and Shelley R. Melvin (Aaron R. Draper) Construct residential alteration: Main floor – bath, laundry and kitchen area at 6698 W. Western Ave. ($22,635).

Glenn C. and Kathleen Schwartz (Four Squared Residential Court LLC) Construct interior alterations to unit 68; remove non-load bearing wall in kitchen and relocate mechanical chase/vent at 68 South Beach ($10,000).

South Village Commons Area (Robert N. Ihme Jr.) Construct South Village commons Area – commercial/ residential; exterior alterations to units 18, 19, 20 and 21 at South Village Commons ($12,000).

Kasson Township

Michael W. and Linda K. Rider (Self) Construct alterations and change of use to existing unfinished post frame building to a single family dwelling; Remove and replace siding, new sheathing and metal Ultra 2000 roofing, install new windows and replace garage with at 100 E Spruce Lane ($50,400).

Leelanau Township

Harrison NPP Properties LLC (Gibson Construction Inc.) Residential demolition of existing deck and rebuild new larger deck at 828 N. Birchwood Drive ($4,060).

Ben A. Fowler and Jensen Judith (Mark K. Kellogg) Construct residential interior alterations, single family dwelling, one story, wood frame: laundry, bath and stairs to basement at 6800 N. Overlook Road ($11,340).

Michael F. and Ann P. Zipser (Scott Norris Construction Inc.) Construct residential alterations to a single family dwelling, two story, main floor and second floor at 9571 N. Carlson Road ($104,625).

Solon Township

Michael C. and Renee Gallivan (Terry M. Skurnit) Construct residential single family dwelling alterations, one story, remove and replace roof with Allmet metal shingle at 10601 S. Weisler Road ($32,000).

Suttons Bay Township

Jeffrey W. and Janice J. Fulton (Contractors Building Supply Inc.) Construct residential solar array; 38 PV panels, mounted on three sections of existing single family dwelling at 1639 S. Maple Bluffs Ct. ($36,828).

Tyrone W. and Beth A. Hanline (Pathway Homes LLC) Construct single family dwelling, one story wood frame with unfinished basement, main floor, covered porch, deck, stair and attached finished unconditioned garage at 104 N Nanagosa Trail ($286,410).

Kenneth P. and Gretchen E. Mungan (David A. Buckel) Construct residential Dormer Addition above garage at 675 N. Stony Point Road ($31,320).

Summary of Building Permits

Value of Permits during last week:
Total Value of 2018 Permits through January 25, 2018:
As of January 26, 2017:
As of January 28, 2016:
As of January 31, 2013:

No. of Permits for January 19, 2017 to January 25, 2018: 14
Total number of permits for 2018: 43
As of January 26, 2017: 10
As of January 28, 2016: 9
As of January 31, 2013: 15

No. of 2018 new housing permits through January 26, 2018: 6
No. of 2017 new housing permits through January 26, 2017: 0

Total value of new housing permits for 2018: $1,267,675
Total value of new housing permits for 2017: $0

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