2018-02-01 / Letters

Art inspires new life path; ‘moved and inspired’

To the editor:

On Sunday, the Northport Arts Association was fortunate to have Diane Speas, Jim Panek and Jacob Schaub share with us stories and art from people in the Enrichment Program at the county jail.

The stories were inspirational and the art exceptional.

When a story is shared how by picking up a paint brush and putting it to canvas opened a door to a different path in life with new goals, we hear a lesson in fortitude and hope. We were privileged to hear.

Those of us who were present were truly moved and inspired by Diane, Jim and Jacob.

Thank you for sharing and I hope others will be as fortunate as we were to hear these stories and life lessons and see this beautiful and inspiring art.

Christine Verdon
President,Northport Arts Association
P. O. Box 517

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