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Bar Association should vet judges, not Federalist Society

To the editor:

Not only is our Country suffering from the Flu but it also has contracted a bad case of “Whataboutism.” A recent writer on this page based his entire argument deflecting to “what about this or that” as if somehow it lends validity to his viewpoint.

Trump came into office with not just an open Supreme Court seat but a historic number of vacancies on the federal bench, thanks in major part to Senator McConnell’s (R-Ky.) powerful curtailment of judicial confirmations during Obama’s second term.

The American Bar Association (ABA) has no political action committee, makes no political contributions but does support defending liberty and delivering justice. They set academic standards for law schools and ethical codes related to the legal profession. Senator Graham (R-S.C.) praised the ABA’s practice of evaluating judicial nominees as an important way to distinguish between people who merely had political connections versus people who truly belonged on the bench.

In picking justices, the Trump administration has relied exclusively on those picked by the Federalist Society, a conservative organization seeking to unconditionally stamp their own brand of reform on the American legal system. Some of Trump’s picks are nothing more than prolific bloggers with a law degree. They have supported the KKK, asserted transgender children are proof of “Satan’s plan,” equated slavery with abortion, spread conspiracy theories about Obama’s birthplace and the Sandy Hook School massacre and believe only White Christians should inhabit this country.

Fifty-eight lifetime appointments has equaled fifty-three white judges. Balance in the Courts is what protects our freedoms. Where there is no balance the road to authoritarianism beckons.

Mr. Canfield, I do trust the will of the people, especially the American majority that didn’t vote for this administration. No doubt your next letter will be “what about the illegals and voter fraud?”

John Hunter
E. Melissa Dr.
Traverse City

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