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Talk of the County

Having a conversation with Bob Bunek

BOB BUNEK is proud to have lived in Lake Leelanau all his life and his favorite place to be is on his boat out on the lake. BOB BUNEK is proud to have lived in Lake Leelanau all his life and his favorite place to be is on his boat out on the lake. Name: Bob Bunek

Town or township of residence: Lake Leelanau

Resident since: I've lived in the same house all my life.

Age and birthplace: I’m 60 years old and I was born at Munson Medical Center.

Occupation: Custodian at St. Mary School and part-time Electrician.

Marital status: Married - this year marks 38 years with my wife, Theresa.

You live in Leelanau County because: I’ve never found anywhere else better to live and raise my children. Whenever I travel, I’m always happy to come back home.

Last good movie you saw: “Dunkirk.” I'm also really looking forward to seeing “The Darkest Hour.” My dad was in World War II, so I enjoy historical movies about the Greatest Generation.

Last good book you read: I'm currently reading the fourth volume in a series I've been working through for quite a while now. It's called “The Mystical City of God” and is about the revelation of the Virgin Mary. My father-in-law had recommended it to me and when he passed away it was given to me.

If you could trade places with one person for one day, it would be: If I could bear to be away from my wife for one day, I would choose to be one of the young men that witnessed the Sermon on the Mount. More recently, though, I would have liked to trade places with Tom Brady last weekend to help out the Patriots a little.

Things important to you that you’ve accomplished so far: My family is most important to me; I have two daughters I'm very proud of and I'm thankful to have stayed with them and my wife in Lake Leelanau.

What you hope to be doing in 10 years: I’d like to have some relaxing time away from work and possibly do more traveling, specifically throughout the United States.

Things you lose sleep over: I don’t lose sleep anymore; I’m past that. If I have a concern, I say a prayer and pick it up the next day.

If you could change one thing in Leelanau County it would be: I appreciate it as it is for the most part, but I suppose I would like for kids to get outside more in the winter around here. Perhaps communities could host activities like cardboard sled races.

Favorite dessert: Theresa’s Blueberry Cheese Cake and Apple Pie. I always tell her never to make them both on the same night.

Are you a coffee drinker? Yes. I brew it at home and drink up to six cups a day.

Favorite place in Leelanau County: On my boat out on Lake Leelanau.

If you had more time you would: I’d probably volunteer more at our church and in the community.

The words that best describe you are: A good old boy and a work in progress.

Northwestern Michigan College student Kelsey Pease of Suttons Bay provides our “Talk of the County” to readers each week, and welcomes suggestions. She may be reached at kelsey@leelanaunews.com.

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