2018-02-22 / Letters

Does Second Amendment include ‘right to kill’?

To the editor:

The recent killing of Florida high school students and staff members prompts one to again express outrage! Consider the analogy to cancer — when it metastasizes, it is difficult to control. Medical researchers have a multi-faceted approach to understanding what to do and how to proceed with potential treatments and cures. Gun violence is another form of cancer. There is no one solution.

Many have the following observations:

 Mental health treatment is essential, yet the current administration is cutting the federal budget for these services.

 Laws for background checks are flawed with many errors in execution. The FBI has limited resources.

 Major dollars are being funneled into political campaigns by the NRA and gun manufacturers. The Trump 2016 campaign received $21 million. Politicians are paralyzed.

 Social media platforms show violence and hate is preached incessantly.

Many shout about their Second Amendment right to own a gun. I do not see where it is written in this amendment that a gun owner has the “right to kill.”

The 2018 midterm elections will soon be here — consider for whom you vote.

Mary Tonneberger
Omena Point Road

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