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Guns need control; deter kids, ‘nuts’ from getting one

To the editor:

The story goes that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. So goes the modern day tragedy regarding the gun control issue with our government. I will no doubt irritate some of my friends, members of the NRA, which is not my intent when I criticize our government’s inaction in the restriction of gun and ammunition sales.

I am told that there have been close to 80 shootings of a group nature since the new administration took over responsibility. Eighty! And most of them against groups in churches, theaters, schools etc. Hard to miss targets. Mass killings.

I am aware that there are regulations in force intended to restrict such actions, but obviously they are not enough. I don’t know the remedy, but I certainly have observed the need. I don’t want a government study committee composed of bipartisan do-nothings, some of whom are financed by the gun lobby. History says nothing will be done by these folks. I want action. Strict vetting. No gun or ammunition sales anywhere without it, including gun shows. Trust no one!

Folks opposing this will say “That won’t stop the problem of guns already in place” and I know that, but if it can deter the kids and the nuts from getting a gun, or even slow their efforts, it should be worth a try.

Most shootings have been in group gatherings, as mentioned above. Think of the Senate or the House, gathered. If a nut managed to kill even half a dozen of those gathered, you can bet there would be action! It seems true that it matters just whose ox is gored.

We need to lean on our senators and representatives for action, with enough steam to override our President should he be inclined toward a veto. Let’s start now!

Ted Lanham
S. Good Harbor Trail

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Like you, I thought that if

Like you, I thought that if members of Congress were shot by someone there would be action to reduce gun violence. No such luck. Gabrielle Gifford, Democratic rep. from Tucson, Arizona, was shot in the head during a mass shooting a few years ago. Others at the scene were also shot; some died. She survived, but suffered permanent injuries that forced her to resign her seat. More recently, another member of Congress (a Republican; sorry I have forgotten his name) was shot while playing in a baseball game in N. Virginia in which all the players were other Congressmen. He also suffered serious injuries, but recovered more fully and continues to serve in Congress. Each time Congress did nothing. In fact, they recently passed legislation to make it easier for people with mental health issues to buy firearms. Trump signed it. So I think there is little hope that members of Congress will act, even in their own self-defense.