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History review shows a different Russian bribery

To the editor:

Nothing to see here, just move along?

Those who took a solemn oath to preserve, protect and defend America’s Constitution did this. America’s supposed protectors and Constitution enforcers — Lynch, Comey, Mueller, Hillary and America’s $10 trillion debt creator, Obama.

They silenced the FBI’s Russian bribery investigation before deceptively selling 20 percent of America’s uranium assets to Russia but after “Clinton’s” foundation received $145 million.

Obama knowingly emailed Hillary’s unsecured devices, which became Hillary’s illegally demolished devices after they were subpoenaed. Following Hillary’s chat with FBI comrades, all’s forgiven.

Throughout 2008, 2016’s drug crisis, Iranian backed “Hezbollah cocaine trafficking” in America nicknamed “Project Cassandra” knowingly conducted business without law enforcements interference or prosecution.

Unlawful open borders and sanctuary cities. Since 9/11 America endured 92 terror attacks or averted plots and has 1,000 ongoing terrorist investigations in 50 states. Nevertheless organized mobs chant “no ban, no wall, sanctuary for all.”

Dreaming American taxpayers bankrolled Obama’s “costly” free-for-all welfare recipient voter drive welcoming trespassers, stealth criminals, drug cartels, and “workplace violence” terrorists, 250,000 unaccompanied children, 3.6 million indispensible “dreamers,” and 10,000 recruiting MS-13’s gang members in 40 states. Their motto “kill, rape, control” whilst Obama proclaimed “we can absorb a terrorist attack.”

Bill Clinton’s 1994 North Korean $5 billion and 2 reactors accelerated NK’s nuclear program. Bill’s a neophyte compared to gun control advocate Obama who released incarcerated terrorists for future battlefield combat before gifting bloodthirsty Iranians ... a $400 million cash “settlement” plus $150 billion intended for terrorism/nukes to annihilate America.

Obama downsized America’s military while Iran, Russia, China and North Korea with missiles aimed at and intended to annihilate America were subsidized by taxpayers, courtesy of America’s above-mentioned, supposed protectors.

Patriots extraordinaire, Hilly, Billy, and self proclaimed “scandal free” Barack. Where will they be hiding on annihilation day?

Godspeed America!

Mary L Bowen
PO Box 116

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