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Unemployment office, be honest

There are two things whose very existence is tenuous that we tend to take for granted.

One, of course, is life itself.

And the other is our identity.

We were reminded of our fragile identity after receiving a notice from the state “Department of Talent and Economic Development” — apparently the former Unemployment Agency lost its identity, too — about a valuable part-time employee who had been approved for benefits after being laid off from his fulltime job.

He also works for a local grocery store.

Then we received a “redetermination notice” that “the claim filed by (name of employee) had been denied” because “all individuals must establish their identity to be eligible for benefits.”

Actually, the employee did not file a claim and he was not laid off. Apparently in the days of electronic banking, thieves have found a niche filing fraudulent claims that wire money to ... who knows where?

Here’s a message to the state of Michigan: Tell the truth. You may believe that your less-than-honest notice helps to maintain trust in your institutions, but it has the opposite effect.

And everyone, keep an eye on your identity.

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