2018-03-01 / Letters

Carlson’s skills as pronouncer appreciated

To the editor:

This is a congratulatory note to commend and thank Eric Carlson for his skills as pronouncer at the Leelanau County Spelling Bee. He was clearly understood, obviously knew the words he was giving, provided helpful information, and even called each student by name.

Thanks as well to St. Mary’s school and staff, the judges, and record-keepers for their attention to detail and accuracy.

Of course, sports are going to make the headlines, but we know academics are going to propel students into their futures. Our family is grateful any time students get a bit of encouraging limelight for success that stems from study. It doesn’t happen often enough.

Yes, our granddaughters did well in the bee, but I am certain that all involved appreciate the efforts and sponsorship of the Leelanau Enterprise.

Julie Maxson
Lake Ann

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